Greetings everyone!

Nicolas Dedual speaking at Dolby Soho in London
Nicolas Dedual speaking at Dolby Soho in London

Thanks for stopping by. My name is Nicolas J. Dedual, and this is my personal site / portfolio. I tend to be a person who wears many hats. As a software developer, through my company Dedual Enterprises, I’ve been fortunate enough to work with some amazing companies, great people and very interesting projects. As a writer and producer, I’ve published Torchbearer - a sci-fi epic graphic novel and at Odd Truth we’re currently producing more comics, graphic novels and films. As a researcher for both Columbia University and the University of Florida, I’ve worked and built augmented reality systems, and worked with neural networks (specifically Echo State Networks). And now I’m starting to expand more into video editing and video game design and development.

While the opinions expressed here are solely my own, I am using this space to highlight some of the projects and technologies that we’ve worked with and - when possible and permissible - dive deeper into the inner workings of the tech involved.

Below, you can find links to some of the “hats” that (partly) define me:

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