HCI – Final Project

For our final project, we proposed to do a case study on whether a round table-top interface is more conducive to collaboration between users than a rectangular table-top interface. Up to now, most table-top interfaces have restricted themselves to a rectangular setting. However, we believe that, due to the circular nature of the round table, users will be less likely to feel they are encroaching on another user’s personal space, as they will not be directly sitting shoulder-to-shoulder with other users. Also, users are all equidistant to the center of the circular interface, thus facilitating that spot as a common space where information can be exchanged. Further, objects shown in a circular display would have an angle of orientation that is unique to the position around the circle where an individual is sitting. As such, other users would perceive the object slightly distorted in comparison to their position, thus hampering any unwarranted attempts at glancing at other user’s information.

Final Project Report