The Eternal City and me

Warning: the following post has absolutely nothing to do with AR. Rather, it has more to do with my own reality that has been augmented by some knowledge ;-D

Considering that right now I’m in the midst of temporary relocating to California, wrapping up research and packing, it seems rather insane to sit down and write a blog post. However, when the Muse speaks, I’ve learned that it is important to listen and, at the very least, make notes.

Recent Travels – CHI 2010

Last week, I attended the Computer Human Interaction (CHI 2010) conference in Atlanta, GA. For those who don’t follow the Human-Computer Interaction community, this conference showcases the best research done in how users can interact, control and manipulate the information presented by computers. In all, the topics presented by each paper were vast and varied. Unfortunately, there was no way I could partake in all the papers and courses presented. As such, I wish to share my highlights of CHI2010: