Quick blog post – Spatial Augmented Reality in Sacramento

Hey Everyone,

Pardon my absence, but for the past month I’ve either been traveling, moving to and fro New York to Sacramento, CA, busy with my new internship at Intel while at the same time working on my research project. While I’ll elaborate on these adventures in upcoming blog posts (as well as update and implement a new feature on this site), I just wanted to share a video of something really interesting and related to the field of Augmented Reality.

While going out with a friend last Thursday, trying to disconnect from work and research, we stepped outside and saw this beautifully orchestrated spatial augmented reality presentation made for the World of Color presentation at Disneyland. It was made by the kind folks of Obscura Digital, based in San Francisco, New York and Tokyo.


2 thoughts on “Quick blog post – Spatial Augmented Reality in Sacramento

  1. Nice post Nick…Glad to see Sacramento has some good night life..and in AR! Have fun!

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