Beyond the Surface – More Videos

Hello everyone!

We’ve updated the tracking system of Beyond the Surface. Right now, we’re using NaturalPoint’s Optitrack trackers. These trackers triangulate the positions of markers placed on rigid bodies. The benefit of this tracking technology is that it doesn’t require for the camera to recognize any markers. Thus, we are able to get very close to the virtual models, close enough that the following videos would have been impossible under marker tracking technologies.

There are two versions of the same scene (Flatiron and surrounding buildings in Manhattan). One shows the models in higher detail, but is recorded from screen shots and as such, doesn’t show how fluid the system is. The second video was recorded from an external camera facing the monitor. It is of noticeable lower resolution, but it demonstrates how the system responds in real-time.


Beyond the Surface – Flatiron building – CamStudio version from Nicolas Dedual on Vimeo.

Beyond the Surface – Flatiron Building – External Camera Version from Nicolas Dedual on Vimeo.