Project Jupiter – Initialization sequence activated

Hey Everyone,

I’ve decided to start a new personal project called “Project Jupiter”. My goal for this project is to create an inexpensive augmented reality-enabled cyborg suit. Quite lofty and ambitious, I agree, but I am confident that we have reached a point where a system like this is quite doable.

Surprisingly, I was inspired by a movie I saw over the summer called “Scott Pilgrim Vs the World“. Without revealing much of the movie, the bit that inspired me most was that the characters were living, in effect, in a pseudo-augmented world, populated by sights and sounds associated with video games. Afterward, I found myself seriously pondering what it would be like to live life like that. And thus, I’ve decided to start this project, to explore how a system could be designed such that its user would be immersed in a kind of video game world.

Stay tuned for more updates as they come.

2 thoughts on “Project Jupiter – Initialization sequence activated

  1. Hey Nick, sounds interesting. If you have things to show let me know. I update AR with the help of the AR overview. Regards, Erik

    1. Hi Erik,

      Will let you know. This project in particular is being kept on hold until I have more “free time”, which is probably over the summer. I’ll keep you inform on other AR projects I’m working on as well.


      -Nick D.

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